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Spiritual psychology knowledge combines training of the mind and the wisdom of spirit. This blog gives valuable insights on training your mind while developing deep spiritual wisdom.

What I do

I write spiritual self-helps books which are short, simple and actionable. I am currently writing a book series called ‘Train your mind’. The published titles are listed below:

Concentration and Detachment– A concise guide to much needed qualities of concentration and detachment, its spiritual values and practical ways to train these skills.

25 ideas of Intellectual and Spiritual freedom – A short book that explores 25 of the most important psychological and spiritual qualities needed to build a powerful character.

Willpower and Imagination – Learn how two powerful thought forces of Willpower and Imagination shape your conscious and unconscious mind!

What I say

I try to convey most profound messages in minimum words. I share regular content on Instagram page which looks like this:

Who I am

I am Sarthak from Ahmedabad, India. I am a fide rated chess player, Architect, writer and a musician. I have been studying spirituality and psychology as a passion for over 9 years and recently started to publish books on it.

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